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Doctor Vinicius
Nina, Vinicius José da Silva. PhD
General Director



The University Hospital of Federal University of Maranhão is currently, the largest health professionals  training Institution of our State incorporating integrated activities of assistance, education, research and university extension.

This makes us special and greatly increases our responsibility to  the society because being a teaching hospital we need to act firmly in the training of competent, qualified, responsible and committed people with a fair and egalitarian society. Because these are the professionals who will strengthen and help in the consolidation of large health project of our country: The UNIFIED HEALTH SYSTEM (SUS).

The great progresses made by HUUFMA in the last decade has allowed it to achieve a prestigious position in the local and also in the national scenarios, becoming one of the best in the country, as a reflex of the public credibility obtained over the years.
Much has been done and many improvements have occurred in these years. But the challenges in the areas of care and education are constants.

Only by joining efforts and the hard work of everyone we can turn the challenge of the current administration in the great opportunity to raise the University Hospital of Federal University of Maranhão to higher academic and health care standards, and thus helping to promote human and social development of our State and our Country.

For the purposes above, we understand that the HUUFMA website is essential to the dialogue and to share cultural and scientific information. It is also an important forum for suggestions and for the transparent dissemination of projects and administrative actions; constituting therefore, a key tool for the establishment of a participatory management.

The website will serve as a unifying vehicle for undergraduates, graduate students, residents, faculty, staff and our users, and through it we can put together plans and actions of implementation and development of our clinical protocols and others academic projects.

The horizon is exceptionally favorable allowing us to dream about big and important achievements. We will always work together and in the agreement with the Superior Administration of our University in order to lead to the University Hospital of Federal University of Maranhão to achieve the highest level of excellence in hospital care, teaching, research and extension.

Nina, Vinicius José da Silva. PhD
General Director




"President Dutra" Unit
"Materno Infantil" Unit

The history of this institution dates back to July-07-1961 when the Presidente Dutra Hospital was opened by the President Jânio Quadros, with 185 beds. And to August-08-1984 the "Materno Infantil" Unit (Maternity)was opened by the President General Joao Batista Figueiredo, with 209 beds. The two hospitals were transferred to the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA) in January-17-1991, thus forming the University Hospital Complex of UFMA.

The University Hospital is a tertiary care, teaching, research and extension hospital, which allocates 100% of their beds to the users of the Unified Health System (SUS) - the only source of its financial resources.

The University Hospital is a complex of two units, seeking to ensure users with a humanized treatment.

In the Presidente Dutra Unit are offered health care services in Medicine, Surgery, Outpatient, Neurosurgery, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Obesity, Transplantation, Cath Lab, and Cardiac and General ICU, Lithotripsy, Renal Replacement Therapy-RRT (hemodyalisis) and others.

The "Materno Infantil" Unit offers comprehensive care to women and children providing services of  NICU, PICU, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery,Gynecology, High-risk Obstetrics, specialized clinics, pediatric ER, Obstetrics ER, Pediatric Immunization, Infectious and parasitic diseases (IPD) and others.





  • Baby-Friendly Hospital (by UNICEF). [ more ]
  • Reference Hospital for High Risk Care.
  • Accreditation in Neonatal intensive Care Unit (NICU) Level II.
  • Kangaroo Mother Care. [ more ]


  • 1st  place recognition in the  Survey  as the Hospital of Preference and Public Sympathy
  • Breast-feeding - State Reference Center
  • Hospital Quality Award - Hospital Category
  • João Yunes Award - for being a standout at the national level in the promotion, protection and recovery of children health.
  • David Capistrano Award -for developing policy for the humanization of the newborn.
  • Fernando Figueira Prize -  for the quality of the NICU.




Hospital Universitário da Universidade Federal do Maranhão


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